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you factor in the mugginess of the atmosphere. up to the north and west of baltimore we have seen a couple of thunderstorms pop-up into frederick county pushing into northwest carroll county. we will keep an eye on radar and come back with a complete forecast and a few minutes. >> thousands of residents in maryland continue to cope with no electricity tonight, while power companies were to restore service after last week's storm. nearly 80,000 bge customers are without power right now. in the next half-hour we will take a closer look at the issue. baltimore city officials prepping for tonight's fourth of july celebration. >> they are hoping for the best but inspecting the work -- expecting the worst. >> no one wants a repeat of what
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happened last for the july here at the inner harbor with two very high-profile incidents of violence. people are counting on the police department's pledge a better safety this year. city police advertise their stepped up security before the fourth of july. >> i saul anuzis -- i saw the news, and i feel safe. >> i think they have really beefed up security recently in the area are around the harbor. we are down here. >> i do plan to bring my kids to the fireworks. but i think this city is going to ram up police coverage. we will see how it goes. >> last fourth of july, a 4-
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year-old was shot and wounded and another was fatally stabbed. >> the strategy this year is not necessarily numbers, but it is agility and mobility. we will be able to deploy officers very swiftly should there be a problem. at the end of the day, we are looking for individuals that might cause problems. >> businesses have agreed to close at 9:00 p.m. >> it is not like you can have a great big crowd like it was laughter. so if he is getting better. -- so it is getting better. >> all those extra officers working tonight will be fully in uniform. maximum visibility is their goal. sheldon dutes is also at the harbor tonight. the heat is brutal. >> it sure is, but it has not
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stopped people from coming out already and staking out their spots to watch the fireworks later this evening. for the nuts and bolts of what everybody needs to know, talk to me about tonight's fireworks show. >> it will be on two barges that will be docked in the inner harbor. it is about 18 minutes long. it is choreographed with patriotic and top 40 music. >> for people heading down this evening to watch the fireworks, what is the best time to come out to avoid traffic and so forth? >> i think he should have a plan before you come down. we will have the u.s. naval academy and at 7:00. you might want to come out a little early and get your spot and listen to the music and then
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get ready for the show. >> where is the best place to park? >> there are a lot of places around the inner harbor to park. today is a great day to try to look for reporting, but you might not get it. be prepared if you might have to go into a parking garage. >> thank you so much, we appreciate that. for more on the fourth of july celebration, just had to our website, >> independence day is being celebrated by americans overseas. members of the australian second cavalry regiment had hamburgers and hotdogs on tables that were decorated with stars and stripes. >> it is a very patriotic day for all americans. to do that here in australia and
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share something that means a lot to us, it is great that they included us. it meant a lot to us to have them host us. >> the u.s. and australian governments made an agreement in celebration of america's independence. mitt romney and the man he wants to replace celebrated america's birthday. mitt romney marched in a parade in new hampshire. meanwhile, president obama and the first lady hosted heroes and their families on the south lawn of the white house. the president participated and naturalization ceremony for active-duty service members. the candidates came from all over the world, including nigeria, russia, china, and the philippines. >> what a perfect way to celebrate america's birthday.
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the world's oldest democracy, with some of our newest citizens. i have to tell you personally, this is one of my favorite things to do. >> at the conclusion of the ceremony, the president invited a lance corporal to lead the pledge of allegiance. >> shortages of critical prescription drugs prescribed to cancer patients. it has been a serious and continuing problem for hospitals and health-care providers across the country. congressional investigators say one possible reason could be saved pharmacies. jake has stage for cancer. he was suddenly informed the drug he needed was not available. >> when they tell meet the drug was not available and i would not be able to do my chemo that day, i was shocked. how could this be happening in
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the united states of america? >> ltc was buying the same drug, supposedly to fill prescriptions. but when north carolina regulators and expansion, that found no records, no equipment. -- when regulators did an inspection. congressman elijah cummings and his investigators say it is a state pharmacy set up to thwart the drug shortage. >> this is simply about greed. people wanting to make a quick buck at the expense of sick american people. >> investigators say records show the pharmacy is buying the drugs and then selling them to a wholesaler, international pharmaceuticals, which were then reselling the drugs at higher prices. investigators called this
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operation a state pharmacy. do you agree with that assessment? when we visited the companies office in dhahran, nobody was home. faced with the prospect of having his north carolina license revoked, the company surrendered it instead. congressional investigators say what happened here in north carolina is not an isolated case. they say they found what appear to be fake farcies around the country, buying up madison's in short supply. these pharmacies did not cause the shortages rigidifying up madison -- buying up medicines in short supply. >> is driving up the prices. >> the lawyer for the owner of the north carolina for she said she is a smart business woman who is helping, not hurting, by enabling medical facilities to
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get the drugs more quickly. it could delay vital treatment for other cancer patients fighting to survive. to thes go back aftermath of friday's storm. the howard county executive toured areas of his county today. >> barry simms has the story. >> while checking on the downed trees and power lines, the howard county executive is giving praise to the people who helped out after the storm. it is different from the torrents of water that drenched our area. a water buffalo is a different type of animal. he is frustrated by how long it is taking to restore power. >> it has been a difficult five
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days. >> howard county resident ralph porter is glad this water truck is available. >> it has been helpful to come up and help clean up the house a little. taking showers and all, the community center has been helpful. >> people have been appreciating us showing up with the water. they really need the water at this time. due to the inconvenience of the weather that we had. >> the community center in woodbine is one place the county executive is focusing attention, talking to citizens in need and banking county workers for their efforts following the storm. >> we are doing reasonably well. we had over 58,000 out of power when we started. >> he is making the rounds, traveling from woodbine to
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colombia and ellicott city. >> really thanking our men and women here who have been out there doing hard work, knocking on doors, asking if anybody needs anything, checking on nursing homes and assisted living facilities, making sure generators are safe. >> he says the county is making progress. >> the traffic lights are functioning now. now we are just working with bge to get folks up and running. >> howard county officials tell us that two houses were destroyed. barry simms, wbal-tv 11 news. >> still ahead, it appears there's a growing need for more primary care physicians. >> how the supreme court's decision to uphold the president's health care law will reverse that trend.
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>> why does not come close when you are power is deprived. more on that new at 5:30. >> happy fourth of july. tom tasselmyer will fi
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lex now that the u.s. supreme court has ruled health care reform law constitutional, there may be need for more primary- care physicians. there are efforts now to get more family doctors trained. >> the decision to become a primary care doctor was easy. >> we enjoy building relationships with patients over a long time. >> the newly created program is training the next crop of family doctors. decisions that will be on the front lines of madison, treating everyone from babies to adults, from flew too high blood pressure. many doctors choose to go into a specialty where they can earn more money. the founders of a new program at kaiser permanente a say there are other reasons. >> there is debate in the
5:16 pm
medical community about how bad the neediest for primary care doctors. everybody agrees there is a shortage, and it is about to become more severe. last week the supreme court decided health care reform, known as obamacare, can stand. it will give more americans access to doctors. over the next three years, the kaiser program will turn out 18 primary care physicians. >> they will be able to see a primary-care physician as soon as they fill symptoms or elements of a disease. >> that means you will not have to wait as long to see a doctor when you are sick. >> now, your insta-weather forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> hot weather in again, and even hotter tomorrow. the heat and humidity are bringing thunderstorms back into the picture, slowly but surely. a severe thunderstorm watch in effect for the amounts in the
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west, and some isolated storms have developed in the center of the state. a couple of cells drifting toward condi town -- tontitown. we will see how many foreman with a drift over the next couple of hours. a watch is in effect for the western part of the state including garrett county and then goes up into some parts of western pennsylvania and east of there. an isolated warning down there in northern virginia. don't surprised if some gusty storms pop up in the next couple of hours. that will be popping up as folks are settling down getting ready for some fireworks displays. looks like it will track right for baltimore at 9:00 or 10:00 and pushed south of us by 11:00.
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the possibility of some problems there as far as fireworks and thunderstorms coinciding. in the meantime, it is just hot and humid. near 100 in downtown baltimore, 9's in the northern suburbs all the way down to the lower eastern shore. stifling haun feels like 101 degrees in hagerstown. triple digit heat indices on the upper eastern shore as well. so the heat advisory continues, he warning up in philadelphia and it looks like it will be a monday night -- muggy night. partly cloudy, west winds at 5, back into the mid and upper 80's. sunset at 8:36. it will still be warm and muggy
5:19 pm
with lows in the seven's. the dip in the jet stream keeping it cool in the pacific northwest and far north into new england. everybody else is under this ridge of high pressure. 100 degrees in minneapolis, 101 in kansas city. the heat is actually moving in our direction at the temperatures are expected real higher tomorrow, 96-101. sunrise at 5:46 and going down at 8:36. bay water temperatures are warming up, too. western maryland, 85 and 83 on friday. with the westerly breeze, not much of a cooling effect of the ocean. load 90's for the next three
5:20 pm
days down at ocean city. close to 100 tomorrow, upper 90's on friday and saturday, slowly cooled off as the front works its way through on the weekend. >> the fda is seeking -- seeking comments from the public on the proposed system for giving each medical device a unique identification code. officials said the system will make it easier to track devices when there is a recall or a safety issue after it hit the market. it can also reduce medical errors. it will not reveal a patient information. an alternative treatment is helping one lawman find relief from severe and chronic pain. when nothing else works. we continue tonight's medical alert. >> shelley murphy looks forward
5:21 pm
to her monthly visits at the garden show. >> are focuses on helping people to be as independent as possible in their everyday lives. >> what i love about cranial sacral therapy, it comes under the body's system of guarding. it is very gentle and it feels like she is just touching you. >> it has made a difference in shelley's life. she was diagnosed with fibroma i'll just seven years ago. -- 5 rolle myalgifibromyalgia. >> it has made a huge difference. i just could not function an entire day. i actually got back into kayaking again.
5:22 pm
it was pretty abrupt. within a month or two of was seeing huge differences and i could handle my pain. >> it is the connective tissue system that holds us together. that membrane system also includes -- encloses the spinal fluid. we work with the core of the body to give it the best help the environment. >> all she knows is that it works for her. she now comes about once a month. >> i called my tuneup. >> while there are some patients like chellie who swear by this, there is no real scientific evidence that this type of therapy actually works. workers are back on the scene of a water main break in cockeysville. why they are actually digging by hand.
5:23 pm
>> even after tonight, many people will still be celebrating the fourth. >> the concern tonight is safety. what police are going to do to not have a repeat of what happened last year after the fireworks.
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>> even though the fourth of july fell in the middle of the week this year, people will still be celebrating afterwards. >> we spoke with some law enforcement officials. >> july 4 represents the kick off of the holiday and summer season. >> for many, the celebration starts on the water. they will be out in full force looking to stock speeders and partyers. marine patrols also stressed the
5:27 pm
importance of having a working marine radio. the signal weakens as you move away from the coastline. >> you have to take that seriously. if you don't, someone could get hurt or killed. >> on the roads, expect to see increased dui checkpoints all hours of the day, all week long. >> enforcement started last weekend and will increase in to next weekend. >> this holiday season, we are encouraging residents to go to public fireworks displays rather than take fireworks into the residence and at parties. >> if you are planning to barbecue to celebrate, don't forget food safety. don't leave food unrefrigerated for more than two hours.
5:28 pm
still ahead, of the ge truck overturns an anne arundel county, leaving the driver in serious condition tonight. >> it is quiet in this towson neighborhood except for the sound of generators, and that is the problem. the latest on the power outage, straight ahead. >> of star spangled july 4 holiday. that story, coming up.
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>> live, local, late-breaking. you are watching wbal-tv 11 news at 5:00 in hd. 11 news at 5:00 continues now. >> for those still without power, patients, like electricity, has run out. bge says about 78,000 customers are still in the dark. >> david collins has been checking on members in towson glendale community. here we are five days after the storm. our folks coping there? >> they can summon up like this, enough, already. trees tangled in wires for the issue, but neighbors are helping neighbors with electricity. residents say the lack of power, hot water, and the lack of food in the house is a frustrating, nation. >> we have the problem with the
5:31 pm
tree down here that has taken out all our lines. >> the level of frustration is obvious. she and her neighbors of the only ones who seem to have noticed. the state crew involved in debris removal drove right past them. >> i have to go to my knees's house to shampoo my hair. i am going to charge my phone over there and see what has been going on on my computer. the everblades makes the power outage unbearable. beth is spending a lot of time in the shade on her porch. she has no power, no hot water, no food. it all had to be thrown out. >> it is hot, uncomfortable, hard sleeping at night. all of us have been feeling sick and having bouts of
5:32 pm
lightheadedness, and just feeling nauseated. >> generator noise is another constant reminder that things are not back in order. power cord still snake from house to house, trying to keep a refrigerator billing or a child's night light on. >> he says keeping it going cost about $30 per day. >> i have a cell -- a seven- gallon tank and i feel it twice a day for about $30. >> they are making the best of that situation. >> monday we went to beaver dam, which was great. we saw a movie and had dinner in the evening, so that was not bad. we are about to go swimming now. >> many residents don't have any confidence in the b g e hot line that estimates power in this
5:33 pm
neighborhood could come back on by 8:30 tonight. david collins, wbal-tv 11 news. >> we wish them the best of luck there. the 32-year-old man is in serious condition tonight after a bge bucket truck he was driving overturned. happen early this morning in annapolis. the investigation into what caused the crash remains under investigation, but officials suspect it was mechanical in nature and does not appear to be driver error. the department of transportation is asking drivers to avoid york road in cockeysville after a water main burst early this morning. officials say the 12-inch break happened near high-voltage cable and gas line, so crews had to hand dig around the area to repair the break. they hope to have that fixed by later tonight. >> this is independence day and many americans are celebrating our nation's birthday through traditional picnics and parades
5:34 pm
and fireworks. created an storms unexpected holiday wrinkle for many residents on the east coast who are still living without power. utility crews are working around the clock to try to restore that service. >> for most of us, it is a holiday. on this firecracker hot fourth of july, americans wish their nation a happy 236th birthday. weather grilling out outside the nation's capital or chilling out in chicago, seek some shade or at least some water. this was a big deal for the little ones of arlington, virginia. no watching from the sidelines here. marching to a different drumbeat in philadelphia, i am pretty
5:35 pm
sure this was ben franklin, the guy who helped bring us electricity. he could have landed a helping hand to hundreds of thousands of people still in the dark after last friday storm. for these utility crews, this july 4 is just another workday. presidential candidate mitt romney was hard at work in new hampshire. at the white house, president obama hosted the swearing-in of 25 new americans, all of the members of the armed services. >> what a perfect way to celebrate america's birthday. >> members of the washington nationals baseball team are showing their patriotic colors. from coast to coast, a star spangled, sweltering independence day. >> it was first celebrated in philadelphia back in 1776 on july 8. brian moore, wbal-tv 11 news.
5:36 pm
>> children from columbia are visiting families in washington d.c., maryland, virginia, and pennsylvania. >> he wants a room for himself. >> the children are here in hopes of connecting with the family that will adopt them. he is the third sibling to participate in the summer merkel program. he wants to find a home here in maryland. >> he wants a family who loves him and will be with him, dad and mom. >> he wants a family to be with him forever and he would not have to move again. >> he got to go to the catonsville fourth of july parade today. tomorrow he will play his very
5:37 pm
first basketball game. >> a woman tries to sell her soul online. she says her body is shot, so why not? >> the raging fire in philadelphia. the investigation into what caused the blaze. >> i am jayne miller, live at the inner harbor. a live interview with baltimore's acting police commissioner on the plan to keep
5:38 pm
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5:40 pm
>> five people, including three boy scouts, were killed and a hat on a collision between a dougie -- between an rv and an suv. police say it is possible the suv carrying the teenage counts and the troop leader may have veered into the oncoming lane of traffic. they were all killed when returning to colorado after camping trip. >> a three-alarm fire lit up the night sky in philadelphia last night.
5:41 pm
it took about 90 minutes for firefighters to bring it under control. dozens of nearby residents had to be evacuated. six families are now staying in temporary housing. return tonight. a small crowd waited outside for the planes to return. four crew members died in sunday's crash. two of the six members survived. they were reunited with their families last night in charlotte. still no word tonight as to why the air guard was sent home. the cause of sunday's crash remains under investigation. >> a woman has something for sale on ebay that most of us
5:42 pm
would never consider selling at any price, her soul. so far no one has made a bid, but she says it is encouraging. she was hit by a drunk driver a few years ago. she had a stroke, a broken hip, a broken pelvis, leg, collarbone, and sternum. she is a freelance writer who cannot write anymore. she says she gets by on part- time work. >> and they can save it through prayer or conversion. i will give them a certificate be telling the white and black marks on my soul. she is hoping to make contact with somebody else's sold. >> still ahead, if you don't
5:43 pm
have fourth of july plans, guess what? this is an app for that. >> people are definitely decked out. we will bring you all the details, straight ahead. >> we will see where the thunderstorms are headed. the forecast is coming up. right now, 95 at bwi marshall, 98 at the inner harbor.
5:44 pm
what's coming up, preventing crime at the inner harbor on
5:45 pm
july 4. authorities say they have a plan. jayne miller has that story. plus, day five without power for tens of thousands in our state. the effort to try and get that power back on. power back on. ♪ pop goes the world ♪ it goes something like this ♪ everybody here is a friend of mine ♪ ♪ everybody, tell me, have you heard? ♪ [ female announcer ] pop in a whole new kind of clean with new tide pods... a powerful three-in-one detergent that cleans, brightens, and fights stains. just one removes more stains than the 6 next leading pacs combined. pop in. stand out.
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>> now, your insta-weather forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> isolated thunderstorms popping up in the area. so for the biggest arms have been north and west of baltimore. tracking them down through frederick county and parts of carroll county. that will likely impact the western suburbs in the next hour or so. they used to be healthy storms but it looks like they are fading down a little bit.
5:47 pm
another storm popping up in the underbelly south of hagerstown. -- in thunder valley. the almanac today shows another triple digit day at the inner harbor of downtown baltimore. the morning low was only 80 degrees, so very warm fourth of july in downtown baltimore. 97 for the high down at bwi marshall. we hit 100 degrees officially in baltimore on three separate fourth of july. the most recent one was in 2002. we have a teen 90-degree days. normal for the fourth of july would be about nine 90-degree
5:48 pm
days. we have double the normal number of 90-degree days before the fourth of july. the potential is there that some of these thunderstorms will interrupt or play havoc with the evening thunderstorm activity. the most severe of the storms out in garrett county. the futurecast shows a ragged line of scattered thunderstorms tracking through the baltimore area between 8:00 and at 9:00 tonight. when the fireworks display third getting going, we hope they will be drifting farther south and east of us. there will be some thunderstorms around during the fires -- during the fireworks displays. when you factor in the relative humidity, it feels like the low 100's all-around. it is steny out there. that is what he did by three
5:49 pm
goes through 9:00 tonight -- it is steny out there. it should be released as hot if not hotter tomorrow. scattered thunderstorms drifting through the area, especially down to the south of baltimore. it will cool off into the low 70's in the suburbs, upper 7's downtown. this ridge of high pressure, you can see why it -- what we expected to be at least this hot, if not harder, tomorrow. 96-101 around baltimore tomorrow and the northwest breeze that 8-15. they water temperatures continue to climb, in the low 80's now. a lot of sunshine into friday and saturday. down at the beach, it is warm.
5:50 pm
plouffe 90's down at ocean city. close to 100 tomorrow, a front sliding through with some storms drops us into the low 90's on sunday, and back into the 80's for most of next week. >> millions of people headed to airports this holiday are discovering the airport shopping experiences changing when it comes to cost. you could even bring store coupons. if you don't want to carry your new purchase on the plane with you, some stores will ship it for you. google research analyzed millions of images for three days and found it could actually spot a cat.
5:51 pm
why is this important? shows what a giant computer system can learn on its own without any help from humans. millions of americans that have already made plans to celebrate. a survey found that more than 160 million people plan to hold or attend a barbecue or pegeen. that is the most in the history of the survey. 35 million plan to go to a parade. whether you are heading to the beach or trying to find the best place to watch the fireworks, there are several new apps out there to help you make the most of the fourth of july. >> of beaches early at the top of many of fourth of july get away. this app finds the closest beaches around it. it costs 9 9 cents.
5:52 pm
it gives turn by turn directions on getting there. more than 150 million hot dogs are eating over the fourth of july holiday. the holiday is the biggest day of the year for the hot dog. if it is only the best fireworks you what, there is a list of the nation's top 15 fireworks events. >> who knew there were 1000 ways to cook a hot dog? >> a saltwater crocodile in the philippines has been declared the world's largest in captivity. the 2259 lb, 20-foot-long crocodile eats up to 22 pounds of meat every day -- every week.
5:53 pm
an ecotourism park has been built around his enclosure. he is to blame for the death of a girl and a fisherman in the town. it was captured after a hunt cluster. he was officially declared the largest saltwater crocodile in captivity. there is much more ahead tonight. >> nothing says the fourth of july quite like the heritage parade. we'll take you to the 78 annual event, next.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
>> parade gores lined up to celebrate the fourth of july. catonsville residents planted themselves in those chairs that had set out weeks ago for today's parade. it started at montrose avenue on frederick road. catonsville has held this parade for the last 66 years. kiley, a look at one of the very first parade of the day. >> the dundalk fourth of july celebration has been around for nearly eight decades. >> it is a 78-year tradition, the dundalk heritage parade on the fourth of july.
5:57 pm
>> it is really exciting. i love seeing all the different things in the parade. >> we got here at 5:00 this morning to get the spot. we do it every year. >>, or most everyone here, the first parade of the day in baltimore county is what says happy birthday, america. >> it is so patriotic and everything, the flag waving and everything. it just makes you feel great. it does a lot for you on this day. >> we get them while we can stand the heat, then we go and have our picnic. it is really great. >> from the politicians to the bands, the parade is a great way to show patriotism. check out her nail polish.
5:58 pm
jamie jones went all out this year. >> my grandfather fault for the flag. he has been gone for a long time, and that is why did it this year. >> this year the theme is welcome home our troops. that means a lot to soldiers home on leave. >> supporting the troops, those who died for their country and everything. >> jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. >> that's all for us at 5:00. here's a look at what is coming at new at 6:00. >> coming up, a live interview with baltimore's police commissioner about his plans for safety tonight. >> the heat advisory and some strong thunderstorms. >> this power outage did not
5:59 pm
stop politicians from joining this break. -- joining this parade. >> live, local, late-breaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news at 6:00. >> haslett fourth of july. today is a day of parade than patriotism, and unfortunately, power outages. >> while many are gearing up for dazzling displays of fireworks, there is still a lot of frustration on the fourth, as tens of thousands are still widely -- still waiting for their lives to be turned back on. we have reporters in place with updates on security issues and festivities planned as throngs of people make their way down to the inner harbor. we will begin with tom chaz tom tasselmyer. >>
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